Undercover Palma Rosa Cleansing Balm

Palmarosa Cleansing Balm

$ 16.00

This soapless cleanser will gently melt away stubborn makeup and sunscreen, leaving delicate facial skin satiny soft, never dry or tight. Specially formulated with a water soluble Olive Oil and a touch of luxurious Camellia Oil to ensure a clean rinse, leaving no greasy feeling. Fine Rose Clay is added to lightly exfoliate and smooth.


Ingredients: Olive oil peg 7, fractionated coconut oil, glyceryl stearate, peg100 stearate, peg 40 hydrogenated castor oil, camellia seed oil ,glycerine, propanediol 1,3, rose clay, kaolin clay, essential oil of palmarosa, cedarwood, ylang ylang


Net Wt. 4 oz




Directions: Scoop a dollop onto fingertips. Massage entire face, especially tough makeup areas. Add water to transform cleanser into a milky lather. Rinse clean. That’s it!



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