At age 19 I married and began my adult life in a small rural ranching community, hay fields, cattle, sheep, goats and  pick up trucks. Quite a change from Southern California beaches and tennis courts I hailed from. Pancake breakfasts, cowboy boots and a meeting place for coffee every morning was the norm.  The women in the community taught me skills they felt every woman should know… preparing game animals, canning your garden goods, and making excellent pies.

During that time developed an interest in spinning wool from my own animals, making soaps from fresh goats milk, and just about anything to make the farm to table connection.

A good life, as they say!

While doing research in the 90’s I came across a book about natural organic hair and skin care. What excited me was that it included recipes I could make at home. The closest town had a natural food co-op brimming with herbs, roots, teas and seeds I had never heard of, but wanted to learn about. Choosing a recipe from the book for a natural skin tonic. I gathered up numerous ingredients, used a witch hazel base and steeped  a huge pot of tonic. After straining this dark concoction, I had a rich herbal toner which felt and smelled wonderful. Wow! I had to share this with everyone I knew.

The simple fascination of making something so wonderful and useful, motivated me to expand into lotions, creams, scalp tonics, and soaps, all from natural ingredients.

At that time, little information or supplies were available to home crafters as the internet was in its infancy. Formulators and suppliers of ingredients had no interest in dealing with home based businesses and cosmetic companies were secretive and considered their formulas proprietary.

Fast forward…. Today there is a thriving community of handcrafters churning out exciting products, packed with wholesome butters, oils, and botanical extracts plus You Tubes videos galore with talented people sharing their success and failures. Suppliers of ethically sourced, natural ingredients are plentiful and vying for our business!

Today I live in a beautiful small mountain town in the Sierras. My new life includes skiing, hiking, gold mining, culinary classes, oil painting and traveling to cool places with my husband, Brian.

I love the natural bath and body skincare business, and have revisited it with excitement and energy. Having a home based business is a joy and a challenge. You not only get to, but have to wear all hats: research, product development and marketing. But when all those bottles and packages are lined up, it’s rewarding to know you have lovingly created a healthy, natural and useful product you want to use and share with everyone.  A perfect blend of art and science.

Thank you for visiting and please come again,

Laura Miller

Graeagle, CA